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Try out this cool game :

Download and extract this tarball

Once you have the archive, extract it and try out the different adventures with :
> make quest
> make sergio

kernel_panic() : MacOS's biggest fear

Do you want to know a cool fact about MacOS ? Here's one :
The developers aren't even trying.
Why ? You may ask, and here's a good example.
this kills the macos
This was tested on a iMac running Mojave (not mine I promise), and, it causes the machine to kernel panic !
Baffled by the results, I tested this same exact function on diferent platforms, and to no surprise, the OS kills it when it runs out of memory.
Linux, 9front and BSD don't mind it when you run this.
I have no idea how such a widespread Operating System with so many users can crash when something as trivial as running out of memory happens, I was actually kind of surprised when I witnessed the machine rebooting.
I didn't get the chance to try it out on a Windows machine, so if you have one, tell me how it goes if you try it !

nb2text : your fantasies are now real !

Have you ever dreamed of turning numbers into their equivalent text representation ?
If the answer is yes, you will love this program

This will give you wet dreams
It`s important to note that this was made almost-singlehandedly by myself 3 weeks into learning about C programming.
It still works rather well and is p cool, give it a try !

Fresh Tips

Uninstall Windows !

That's it, that's the tip

GNU Emacs

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